Lighting to support your research and development

We develop and manufacture the camera by utilizing the spectroscopic imaging technologies which use our core competence, optical signal processing. We have recently being focusing on cameras to handle the Short Wave InfraRed wavelength (SWIR). In SWIR wavelength, it is known that materials show special response against a specific wavelength.

It will be possible to inspect foreign materials, scratches, or internal conditions of the object by measuring reactions of light from the object, i.e. reflecting, transmitting or absorbing light. In this sense, the light source is very important equipment for SWIR inspection systems.

Wavelength variable light source

Based on our accumulated experiences in developing SWIR cameras, we now merchandize the Wavelength variable light source.

At this time, we have developed light sources with different band widths for Visible light, NIR and SWIR. The wave lengths are variable adjustable for the ranges you like to choose:

  • 400 – 800 nm in steps of 40 nm
  • 900-1800nm in steps of  50 nm
  • 1250nm to 2500nm in steps of 50 nm

lighting BV-M1020_21_22.png