« Sample test example for plastic sorting by - Quattro sensors prism spectroscopic linescan camera - Part 6»

Published on 05-05-2022

Sample test example fore plastic sorting by BVC6200 (R, G, B, swir) using BVC6100 or BVC6200 - Quattro sensors prism spectroscopic linescan camera - Part 6.

Fig. 4 shows several different materials of captured image taken by reflection visible light and transparent SWIR light.

The sample materials used in fig. 4 are:

  1. Plastic
  2. Metal
  3. Glass
  4. Tile
  5. Stone
  6. Paper

It is hard to figure out plastic by a Visible Reflection light image only, however it is more easy to detect plastic by comparing both a Visible light image ánd SWIR transparent light image. As SWIR transparent light is not able to go through non-plastic materials (like tile, stone, paper, metal), those objects should be black coloured in the image, but not the plastic. So you have created an efficient way of sorting in this way.

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