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Published on 28-09-2022

The Product line of BLUEVISION State-of-the-Art camera modules are updated with newer sensors. In this blog you have seen that we have announced at the Stuttgart show #VISION a demonstration of the sensitivity difference between the older models and today models.


To know the difference between all these new models, please take a look at the product configuration numbers.:

BVC6200LM - 4K - M52; 4 sensor Line scan camera with SWIR, R, G and B channel.

BVC8350LC - C mount; 3 sensor 5MP Area scan camera.

BVC5410LM - 4K - M52 3 Sensor Line scan camera

BVC5210LM - 2K - M52; 3 sensor Line scan camera

BVC3340LM - 4K - M52; 2 sensor P / S Line scan wave camera

BVC3320LM - 2K - M52; 2 sensor P/S Line scan wave camera

#Industrial Imaging
#Spectroscopic imaging

Our technology allows you to capture spectroscopic imaging of your fast moving and rolling object to the smallest detail at the same moment in the same spot, without compromising with its speed. As you can determine your desired wavelengths for creating your data, our 2, 3 or 4 sensor camera will be helpful in solving your application such as semiconductor wafer inspection, food inspection, pill inspection, sorting of recycling materials and so on.
The incident light is separated into multiple wavelengths by designing dichroic mirror and trimming filter, going through the sensor and outputting as image data. It is able to separate the light into specific wavelengths, not only in the range of visible bandwidth but also in the range of near infrared (NIR) or short wave infrared (SWIR).
Besides, we have standard video camera line such as HDTV camera, HDTV autofocus camera and high sensitivity camera for general purpose applications.