Quattro - Tripple - Dual and Single sensor cameras

Quattro sensor spectroscopic imaging system

This multi-sensor system uniqueness is that it is based on a Full size prism block which can carry 4 sensors with a size up to 28.672mm. Due to this range we can carry different popular line scan sensor types like visible, NIR and SWIR sensors in a variety of resolutions from 512 pixels up to 4k.

Triple sensor spectroscopic imaging system

If your application requires a 3 sensor system, the mainstream dichroic prism block fulfils your needs. Cost efficient as you need to process three channels only. The prism block can carry similar line scan sensors as the 4 sensor solution.

Area scan spectroscopic system. Designed for 1/3” Sony CMOS sensors, it is able to capture full range of SXGA image with 51fps, C-mount, Camera link interface are featured. End of 2021, we will add ½” to our portfolio. With this size we can access a larger number of high quality sensors available at the market.

Dual sensor system

This solution gives access to be visualized “invisible defect” by 2 different wavelength of image output such as visible (colour or B/W) and invisible (NIR) images. We have designed newly developed prism optics and use 1/2.9” 1.58MP Global shutter Sony CMOS sensors with 43fps, C mount and Camera link interface are featured.

Single sensor swir

There is certain demand to be visualized “Invisible defect” detection for contaminants or defects, we have developed single SWIR sensor cameras to solve it.  For Line scan, we have 500 and 1K pixels resolutions of SWIR cameras available, VGA resolution for Area scan