« Flexibility of filter customization using BVC6100 or BVC6200 - Quattro sensors prism spectroscopic linescan camera - Part 5»

Published on 21-12-2021

Each ingredients (or objects) has their own spectral response for Reflection (Polarization technology), Transparent and Absorption in wavelength, we BlueVision are able to make customized 4 sensors camera considering specific wavelength coverage by users requirement. By using that customized camera would be perfect for specific contaminants sorting.

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1.1 Bluevision Japan
Our goal is to be a SWIR wavelenght company always pursuing  Spectroscopic imaging molecular innovation that helps improvement of productivity in the industrial Scheimpflug field by our cutting-edge technology of Prism Spectroscopic Imaging (PSI).SWIR wavelenght

We are specialists in the niche market developing of spectroscopic cameras at customer request. Small demands of camera units fits our strategy as we have a flexible production which is utilized for small series. Depending multispectral on volume request NRE cost may apply.Scheimpflug

In 2021 we reached the number of more than 20.000 Lenses produced by BlueVision. On top we have designed more than 40 different camera types in the last 10 years Scheimpflug. We can do this because we understand very well the cmos bridge multispectral between Legacy technology, Japanese workmanship & Newest sensor  Spectroscopic imaging technology.SWIR wavelenght

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1.2 Mission Strategy BLVE
For two years Bluevision management decided to expand by a local presence in Europe. Similar to other important markets, Bluevision believes Scheimpflug it is important to be with its customers in the same time zone. The mission is to build cmos the brand visibility in Europe and supporting its partners and OEM customers in what they need within their planning.SWIR wavelenght


1.3 Spectroscopic imaging
starts with Japanese workmanship to mount the newest high technology sensors to the prism bonding by 6 axis alignment tool in the clean room. The process of creating the prism molecular is of course in a clean room (ISO 6; class 1.000). The production facility to mount the sensors to the prism facilitates multiple 6 axes prism stations. SWIR wavelenght

Due to our experience of high-end surveillance camera electronics, our products do meet high standards and can be used in harsh environment like farming conditions. High humidity and temperatures do fit in our design philosophy. Our products are tested in climate chambers (for shock and vibration). for more information on spectroscopic technology click here SWIR wavelenghtSpectroscopic Imaging 

Spectroscopic Imaging